"We were very happy to have Julianna sing at our wedding in 2012. She certainly played a big role in making our Church Ceremony unique and special. She was so welcoming and professional the weeks leading up to the ceremony and on the day itself.  She has such a beautiful voice and whenever we look back and watch our video, we always smile during her performance. We were so happy to hear her sing again at another wedding last summer and we wholeheartedly would recommend Julianna to anyone." 


- Rita and Pedro Fialho

"Julianna is an amazingly patient teacher. Working with her has been so mindblowing because I've learned techniques that have motivated me to continue to push the envelope. I felt pretty intimidated starting out because my background is in North Indian classical music but learning with Julianna has quickly proved to me that learning a different style of music is not at all out of reality as long as I have coach like Julianna! She's just so so so encouraging and supportive of her students and it really shows how much she cares! Not only that, she's ana amazing musician herself and hearing her sing live during lessons is an absolute treat!!." 


- Maala Sharma

"I can’t say enough good things about Julianna. From day 1 of my daughter’s lessons with her up until this day, Julianna has not only helped her progress vocally but I see a big change in her self esteem and self confidence too, which makes me such a proud mom. Excited to see what the future holds- both for the student, and the teacher!" 


- Bean Or

"You can definitely tell she cares about what she is doing and is constantly a major helping hand towards her students. She puts her best foot forward at all times. I’ve been through multiple teachers but Julianna has helped me with figuring out what genres fit best for my vocal range. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come thanks to Julianna." 


- Carina Baruzza

"It's been a pleasure working and connecting with Julianna! She's an amazing artist with an angelic voice and vibrant personality! She gives singing a whole new meaning! Definitely check out her website for all her wonderful work!"

- Neha Modgil

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